Drinkable Air, Inc. is a US based Emerging Growth Technology Company that designs, manufactures, assembles and distributes Atmospheric Water Generators ("AWG's").

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The AWGs of Drinkable Air, Inc. create an unlimited supply of pure drinking water from "the moisture in the air". The purity, freshness, and taste of the water produced are superior to expensive bottled water options with the cost savings easily demonstrated. Drinkable Air products are now in 38 countries.

Today the company offers seven scalable (from 10 litres to 15,000 litres of water per day) products that can extract humidity from the atmosphere.

The technology utilizes the principals of condensation (the same way nature creates rain) to create water where there is no water. These units do not require plumbing or piping. The water is produced, stored and purified by a patented EnviroGuard™ ozonation process maintaining the water free of bacteria, viruses and impurities and has a superior alkaline value. Water is then dispensed from the units to the end user as needed.
In addition to the production of drinking water, the Drinkable Air® units in hotels also act as an air purifier and dehumidifier which creates an environment where heating, ventilation and air-condition (HVAC) units operate more efficiently.
Drinkable Air® technology saves fresh water resources and are especially well suited in hot and humid locales with a shortage of water.
Green Key is very happy to enter the agreement with Drinkable Air® as these products support a lower environmental footprint by reducing water consumption from other sources and minimising the production of plastic water bottles with the subsequent reduction in waste management from used plastic bottles. AWGs make the water on location minimizing both transportation expense and the carbon footprint transportation creates.

More information about Green Key and our collaboration with them can be found on their website: http://www.greenkey.global/.