Happy Thanksgiving! After stuffing ourselves with turkey we now have time to think about our recent trips and Wednesday sales calls (usually held on Thursday but changed this week).
One of the largest paradigm shifts in our company, since we unveiled our first machine, is the focus of utilities to change from Electric Efficiency (EE) projects to Electrification projects (E). This is important because one of the drawbacks of our technology is we use electric. Since our technology is new, there is no standard for how much it should use. There is also no Energy Star arena for us to compete in. Now that doesn’t matter. The utilities want to exchange their electric for water.

Before you get too upset about energy use, keep in mind that there is a glut due to the increased solar & wind production. The green movement is working. They also haven’t taken any plants offline. Some plants due to growth are new. Instead of shutting something down- losing the investment and jobs-let’s trade electric for water. California needs water. We are now vendors for 2 Utilities (Southern in Georgia and SDG&E in San Diego) and soon 3-SCE. The shift is on What else have we learned? After a year and a half of evaluating the AWG market, SCE believes we are the best quality AWG. They know the others. They know the tests in their backyard and in Dubai of the competitors. They know the results. They also know of Drinkable Air’s tests- Our work in Catalina, our presentation at ETCC in Sacramento, our testing in Dubai with DEWA. They also know that we sell more in filters than the AWG public companies combined. (this is not tough to prove-their financials are public record-if you sign an NDA we will show you our PayPal receipts for filter sales off the internet)

We offer this not to brag (although it is very gratifying) but because as this emerging market begins to grow (recent market research shows this market growing to $29 million/year) there will be many new players attempting to throw their respective hats into the ring. The key is how much water you can produce, how you keep the water pure, and at what price. While our machines are more expensive than some of the others, we know our machines perform in ways the others cannot.

Look for the companies that have a track record. Look for the quality of customers (San Diego Airport, DEWA, Red Cross, Amy Grant). Also look for the companies that have a mission. Who have letters from kids for their involvement in their educational programs. Those companies in it for the long run. Are they planning on running educational programs at Parks? If you decide to do that type of Due Diligence you will find no one compares to Drinkable Air.