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Bottled Water- A Series of Blogs on the Growth of the Bottled Water Industry.

Part IV -“The Solution”

In previous posts, we touched on the history and challenges generated by the exponential growth of the bottled water industry.

Moving forward, we need to create solutions to resolve the damage done by years of reckless production and use of plastic water bottles. Our Drinkable Air Corporation water experts often speak publicaly at trade shows and other venues, sharing valuable insights regarding the breadth and scope of the global water crisis our planet faces.

Today, many technologies are helping create solutions for the issues we've been discussing throughout this series. Far too many to discuss on these few pages. However, we all agree, water problems are catastrophic and worldwide, needing impactful solutions, which are nearly impossible for only one technology to address. Reverse Osmosis, Desalination, UV, and Brita/Pur filters are beneficial and have a place in helping ease the many water concerns we face today. All of these technologies address the problem of cleaning up the water to be more healthy for human consumption. The Drinkable Air website lists and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of these purification systems. (more at DrinkableAir.com/information/purification).

What all of those filters in the other systems are trying to take out of their water, is NEVER in our water.

At Drinkable Air we are passionate about our innovative solution for healthy water on the whole. We are a for-profit company that is highly motivated and excited about our patented Atmospheric Water Generator technology. Our Drinkable Air product line is called Chameleon AWG. We have a variety of units, from large machines generating water for commercial usage and community applications to our Chameleon 8 model for home and office use.

We like to say, "What all of those filters in the other systems are trying to take out of their water, is NEVER in our water." There is no question about the purity of Drinkable Air water. Why? When water transforms from a gas to a liquid form, it is already in its purest form. With our technology, you are tapping the atmosphere in making your water. You know the source - The Water Cycle - the same source that has been replenishing our water source on earth since the beginning of time. We like to say we license our technology from Mother Nature.

In maximizing our amazing water generating technology, there are a few necessary criteria. Living in a region that has above 30% relative humidity consistently, keeps your Drinkable Air unit producing water economically. There is no better or more convenient way to provide a pure and consistent drinkable water supply.


With Drinkable Air technology you are drinking the most highly oxygenated water available. Just let a glass of Drinkable Air water sit for ten minutes. It'll almost look carbonated, but it's not - it’s oxygen. Our purification system uses ozone, a naturally occurring gas (O₃) which turns into oxygen (O₂). Our technology allows us to create alkaline water by introducing essential minerals, raising the pH levels to 7.4 - 8.3 (depending on filter choice). If you want distilled water, we put a different filter on instead of a mineral filter.

Boy Driking Drinkable Air Water

Our Chameleon AWGs go far beyond producing the world's purest drinking water. By taking moisture from the air, they help prevent mold growth in highly humid regions. Many homes utilize a dehumidifier to help create a comfortable environment. Our AWGs generate pure water while dehumidifying your home or office.

Our display panel gives you the temperature and humidity readings which can help you regulate your A/C to work more efficiently. With lower humidity levels the room feels cooler.


Hands Holding EarthMaking your water with our technology lowers your carbon footprint. First off, you won't be throwing away thousands of plastic water bottles that might find their way to our oceans and waterways. That alone will help reduce petroleum used in manufacturing these toxic water bottles, along with additional fuel used in shipping, not to mention the emissions created by the ships, trains, and semi-trucks. You would be amazed how fast it all adds up. If that wasn't enough, imagine no plastic bottles or waste! By using a reusable bottle, or drinking glass, you are eliminating plastic bottles from landfills and oceans. Waste that takes over one hundred years to degrade, but in reality it will always be plastic.


Creating your own water is far more economical than buying your water in plastic bottles. With Drinkable Air units you'll be creating the world's purest water for pennies on the gallon. Not only that, but you will no longer have to carry those awkward bulk water bottle bundles to and from your car. No more lifting five-gallon water bottles which are inconvenient and dangerous! You'll also save valuable space by not having to store full bottles or the time-consuming hassle of recycling empty ones.

During 'Boil Alerts' or weather issues (hurricanes or other natural disasters), you'll no longer have to wait in line for water or fear there is no bottled water left at the store. You'll have unlimited access to safe and pure drinking water at all times, as long as you have an accessible energy source for your Drinkable Air unit.


Other than the obvious, be the first on your block to have the latest Drinkable Air machine. Imagine creating water from air! Show you care about the environment and understand the newest and coolest water technology available.


Drinkable Air technology is an exciting and innovative solution on many levels for our water concerns. We hope the information in our blog has been interesting and informative. We urge you to join the thousands who already have made a choice to purchase reusable bottles. Join our email for updates.

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