I have been a distributor of the Drinkable Air product line since receiving my first shipment of product June 2012 and have purchased for customers in Panama the Chameleon 8 and the Chameleon 60.

I have personally used the Chameleon 8 in my own home with excellent results.  It makes all the water  we need (and exceeds the production represented by Drinkable Air) and the water is pure and great tasting.  We have placed a Chameleon 60 at a remote mine in Panama called Cerro Quema Gold & Copper mine.  There is no drinking water available at the mine due to the hardness (high Calcium Carbonate content) being in the water table and prior to the Chameleon 60 being on site the mine had to send workers to town (over 25 kilometers) to purchase water.  Since installing the Chameleon 60 over 18 months ago, unit has run 7 days/week and the mine has had ZERO downtime.  The mine will be purchasing additional units as the number of workers increase to meet the needs.

As a Distributor, Drinkable Air, Inc. is keeping its promise of delivering new and exciting products and continuing to make the machines better and more efficient.  Also it is very gratifying to see that Drinkable Air incorporates the Distributors’ feedback and making improvements in addition to providing customer support and service.