Atmospheric Water Generators represent an incredible technological breakthrough. Drinkable Air AWG machines create pure, fresh drinking water out of the air we breathe. AWG units are humidity and temperature driven; meaning the higher the humidity in the atmosphere the more water the machine will produce. Humidity is part of the earths hydrologic cycle. The water that is produced by the AWG converting moisture in the air to water contains no contaminates, bacteria or other microorganisms.

Drinkable Air patented EnviroGuardTM purification system uses Ozone and GAC filters to ensure 100% pure water at all times. Drinkable Air AWG units carry the name “Chameleon”1 for branding and customer awareness.


  • The Drinkable Air AWG first pulls air through an electrostatic filter, removing 99% of all air born particles.
  • A condensation unit receives this clean humid airflow and condenses water vapor into liquid.
  • As the machine collects the water, it drops into a collection tank where it is immediately Ozonated to kill all bacterial contaminates.
  • The entire tank is chilled and this cool refreshing water is then pumped through a granulated activated carbon (GAC) filter which filters out any excess Ozone and makes the water taste great.