Saturation Of Air

The condition under which the amount of water vapor in the air is at the maximum possible for the existing temperature and pressure. Condensation or sublimation will begin if the temperature falls or water vapor is added to the air.

Saturation Vapor Pressure

The maximum partial pressure that water vapor molecules will exert if the air were saturated with vapor at a given temperature. Saturation vapor pressure is directly proportional to the temperature.

Specific Humidity

The mass of water vapor in a parcel divided by the total mass of the air in the parcel (including water vapor).

Stabilized Oxygen

Also know as Aerobic Oxygen, it is a safe, non-toxic stabilized liquid concentrate of electrolytes of oxygen.

Sterilize: To destroy microorganisms in or on, usually by bringing to a high temperature with steam, dry heat, or boiling liquid.


In U.S. meteorology, the phase change of water vapor in the air directly into ice or the chance of ice directly into water vapor. Chemists, and sometimes meteorologists, refer to the vapor to solid phase change as “deposition.”