Dehumidification Process

The compressor pumps refrigerant throughout its closed loop of pipes and tubes, it compresses the vapor refrigerant, raising the temperature of the refrigerant above the outside ambient air temperature. When the cooler outside air is blown through the system’s condenser coils by the fan, the heat exchange process leads to the refrigerant changing state from a vapor to a liquid. The now chilled liquid refrigerant is pumped through evaporator coil, which becomes colder than the ambient air. This creates a dew-point and moisture can then be collected off of the evaporator coil. In an AWG machine the water is then purified and stored until it is consumed.


The temperature at which ambient air will lose its moisture.

Dissolved Oxygen

The amount of oxygen dissolved in a body of water as an indication of the degree of health of the water and its ability to support a balanced aquatic ecosystem; also, the amount of free (not chemically combined) oxygen dissolved in water, wastewater, or other liquid, usually expressed in milligrams per liter, parts per million or percent of saturation; abbr.

Distilled Water

Water from which impurities such as dissolved salts and colloidal particles have been removed by one or more processes of distillation; chemically pure water.

Dry Bulb Temperature

The actual air temperature. See wet bulb temperature below.