Capillary Tube

See Expansion Tube.


A dangerous chemical commonly used to keep tap water pure.


The compressors basic function is to pump refrigerant throughout its closed loop of pipes and tubes. Compressors are rated in BTUs or tons. 1 Ton = 12,000 BTU.


The phase change of a gas to a liquid. In the atmosphere it is the change of water vapor to liquid water. Condensation commonly occurs when a vapor is cooled to a liquid, but can also occur if a vapor is compressed (i.e., pressure on it increased) into a liquid, or undergoes a combination of cooling and compression. This is the opposite process of evaporation

Condenser Coil

A series of metal tubes similar to a radiator in an automobile. Condensers are used to change the state of refrigerant from a gas to a liquid by cooling the hot gas until it changes state.