Drinkable Air is Great For:

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Features & Benefits

  • Convenience
  • Stop Buying Bottled Water
  • Doubles as Dehumidifier
  • Unmatched Water Quality
  • Balanced PH Levels
  • More Health Benefits
  • Improves Air Quality
  • Less Garbage/Storage
  • Self Cleaning Device

Our Technology

AWG Technology is the solution to alleviate the world’s water crisis. This breakthrough technology is now available to everyone on the planet today.

AWG machines produce pure drinking water from the atmosphere surrounding the earth. Humidity from the air we breathe is captured by the AWG unit, then converted into pure healthy drinking water.

The Comparison to drinking tap or bottled water, which is referred to as dead water (containing very little oxygen), where as the AWG water is referred to as “Live” water, as it is 100% oxygenated water.

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